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We believe there is better way of creating your business application. With our agile platform it is easy to build professional business applications at the speed of light, highly adjustable, open and secure on any device (pc tablet mobile)

Why choose us?

Migrating your legacy application to the cloud raises a lot of questions: what architecture do I need? How much flexibility is required in the future? How do I connect to other systems. We can turn your idea into a fully working cloud application. All you have to worry about is the functionality you need, let us worry about the rest.

Our Services

We've created a platform for power up your line of business application, including data storage, user authentication and role-based access, configurable workflow engine, import/export data mapping, MS Excel export, reporting, full API support. Its all there and we're waiting for your business processes.

We create your new application

Creating a new software application raises a lot of questions: what architecture do I need? How much flexibility is required in the future? How about security and role management? How do I connect to other systems? Most questions are not about the application-to-be but about the ‘plumbery code’ . The 42windmills platform has all the plumbery code already in place. Start thinking about the functionality you need because this is all you should worry about.

We migrate your legacy system

Many companies deal with existing 'applications' - like MS Excel, MS Access, FileMaker Pro or FoxPro - being used for critical processes. Oh no, we have seen this many times. These applications worked fine at first, but the lack of good multi-user functionality, availability anywhere, security and high costs on maintenance makes companies want to migrate. But this sounds easier than it is. Usually documentation is poor and maintenance is done by a single person (or no-one…).

Make use of our development power

Simple applications can be made without being a developer, the more complex ones can be generated for the greater part and enhanced by a 42 developer with custom logic. 42windmills is unique in generating all layers a webbased business application requires: from MS SQL-database, data access layer, all the way to the user interface. The end-result is not code but a real working application. By using extension points we can extend and further customize your application.

Your application in the cloud

Whether you want your application in a public or private cloud, applications developed by 42windmills can be hosted with us, at your own site, with Windows Azure® or on any webserver. Zero server hassle anymore. Sit back and relax while our experts take care of hosting your 42windmills application. 42windmills offers an unique 1-click deployment to any server. This can be a cloud environment, your own on-premise server or a hosted server.

Our Portfolio

42windmills has amazed me with a full fledged user friendly model driven experience. It’s the way coding should be: most of the plumbing has already been done for you and time to market is reduced to weeks rather than months. And all with maximum flexibility for the developer

Slinger Jansen - Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

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42windmills consists of a team of highly experienced Microsoft-certified developers and consultants and is located in Leiden, The Netherlands. We are supported by a Board of Advisors. Initially, the 42windmills platform was developed for internal use only. Soon, the possibilities became clear and in collaboration with the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) the model was made generic for most business applications. In 2009 42windmills was launched. Since then, many customers have migrated their legacy systems or developed completely new web applications with our platform.

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Every organization should be able to create their own applications, secure, fast and affordable. Developers should spend their time on functionality, not on technology. Our platform eliminates 80% of development time, making a developer 5x more productive. Our one-click deployment to Windows Azure® enables you distribute your application to the whole world.

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